10 February, 2013

US and Mexico music, theatre and danse at the Angers regional academy in March

Jazz and musical are, among other events, on the music stand of the Angers regional academy during an "American Week" which shall take place at the Arts House from March 20th to 27th. The academy will be full of US as well as Mexico theater, music and danse with two lectures per day or exhibitions, during that period. That event coincides with the celebration of the Angers conservatory. The place will be opened to the public on March 23rd. The classes will be public every morning and the academy will offer performances every afternoon.

The Angers regional academy dispenses teachings in music, danse and theatre to 1 350 pupils with 80 qualified teachers. In order to widen its offer, the Angers academy has numerous partnerships with local and regional structures. But, the benefit pupils may get from the acadmy "makes neccesary a high involvement both from teachers and pupils". Eighty per cent of the resources of the academy come from Angers city.

These are mostly registered in music (1 150) then danse (175) and theatre (25), disciplines where hard work may lead pupils to "blossoming thanks to the surpassing of themselves".

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