22 February, 2013

Angers télé : the way to reference is not deference

The start of Angers télé could have been rather difficult, according to numerous observers of the city medias landscape. While the opening of the channel was planned at 7 pm o'clock sharp, the first program took 20 mn to be broadcasted because of a difficult connection with the Rochefort-sur-Loire emitter. Since, the programs are broadcasted by hertzian way.The accessibility to the programs depends on the conclusion of an agreement between the different operators and Angers télé what could be more or less long. Even Angers website had had to give some informations about the frequences.

But the best acces to Angers télé is the web. Ant first glance, Angers Télé is rather colourful and more inspired than its predecessor, Angers 7. Maybe because the news were rather dramatic for the opening day : the laying off of a small girl from her school reestaurant, a meeting about Mali, the return to normal life of the Angers university,... But the willingness to talk about easy issues (restored bikes  for very low income persons with some deference to public institutions) could resurface quicky and damage the course of the new channel.

The anchorwomen, Nadège Abderrazak, looks to know the issues she is talking about, but is maybe a little too much attracted by her notes and speaks on a twitchy way. But after 24 hours of life, Angers télé can only improve itself.

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