24 February, 2013

Angers mobile store owners have not time to wastes

The Angers open air market which takes place every Saturday morning on Maréchal Leclerc square is  a place many inhabitants love to walk around. Under the sun, but also under the cloudy and freezy day, there is always hustle and bustle between the stalls of flowers, vegetables, sea-food or local meals. Even if the prices are generally more expensive than in other places of the city, the atmosphere is something inhabitants are looking for.

Once the open air market over, the Maréchal Leclerc square has something similar to a deserted battleground. The mobile retail store owners have gone, leaving behind them wastes, papers and cardstocks men of the steets cleaning municipal department will have to clear. If the mobile store owners have paid a tax to set up their stalls on the square, some of them visible don't care about the mess they let behind them.

So Angers townhall would be well inspired to plan some waste containers in order to make the cleanliness of the city something people who live and work in it have in mind.

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