09 February, 2013

Angers town council : "Minority report"

The title, the objectives and even the colours, black and red, of the platform are unequivocal. "Angers danger, the other appraisal of the Angers city council" is a fierce critic of the minority town council against the action of the two successive mayors, Jean-Claude Antonini, then Frédéric Béatse. Economy and employment, housing, planning, transportations, governance, daily life, solidarity-leisures, finance, districts, nothing finds favour in the eyes of the minority town council group. But the reproaches are not only technical.

There is worse in the pure political field. The members of the opposition consider that "there are some real things the mayor and the town council majority are inclined to misrepresent or to ignore". The signatories of the platform didn't swallowed the circumstances of the tranfer of power between the former and the current mayor they qualify as a "seizure of power" (i.e. a coup d'état). If some illustrations are correct (demography, unemployment, economy are not at their peak in Angers), the curent, and even former, town council is not necessarily responsible of that. Angers face the consequences of an international depression and the miseries the city experiment are the result of forty years of France's wrong policies (public debt, lack of structural reforms and even bad reforms like the working time reduction!).

The platform is the official launching of the campaign for the municipal polls of 2014 and above all predicts the way of that campaign : harsh and merciless. But that option will be demanding for the signatories of the leaflet. They will have to demonstrate and of course to convince the Angers inhabitants. The game is far from being over.

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