24 February, 2013

Angers people may consider that the anti-airport demonstrators have their head in the clouds

The Angevins opponents to the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport scheme do not give up. After they tried to disturb the New Year greetings evening of the Angers mayor and of the Angers Loire Métropole president in early January, they demonstrated again in Raliement square on February 23rd. If their warnings appeared a little bit incongruous and counterproductive during the speeches of the Angers officials, Saturday, pedestrians didn't paid much attention to the demonstrators. 

It seems that, for the Angers present at that place, the demonstrators engaged themselves in a rearguard action. After two decades of surveys, public decisions and even contracts now implemented, and morevoer gloomy economic forecasts for 2013 and beyond, Angers inhabitants may consider that the abandon of the project could accentuate difficulties of short and medium range : unemployement, unattractiveness and even lack of contact with the outside world.

While the territorial authorities launched recently a new platform in favor of the airport, the slogans of the demon-strators, unchanged for months, attacked the Ayrault government, i.e. a national authority what denotes a weak setting-down of their campaign. For Angevins inhabitants, as for many other people of French western cities, what is at stake is not the government but the advantages and disavantadges the airport may bring to them and their children.

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