12 February, 2013

People having to change of residential location choose Angers

According to a survey of the website www.changerdeville.fr, Angers is, among the cities from 100 000 to 200 000 inhabitants, the 1st choice people would do if they were due to change another town as main home.The three standards which lead towards Angers are the cost of daily life, the ease to find a home and the ease of transport. If Angers is not visible in the head of the ranking in the standards taken one by one, the combination of those gives Angers an enviable 1st rank.

According to changerdeville.fr, the proximity of Angers towards Paris and the high speed train are an important asset for the city. So, that one has made the good choice in trying to shorten the railway travel between Angers and Paris thanks to the works at Sablé. Twenty years ago, the project of a high speed line linking Angers to Paris had been rejected by some Maine-et-Loire representatives what appears today as an historical mistake.

On a ranking of the cities apart from their number of inhabitants, Angers is 4th among 132 other cities. Tours would be its most important competitor. A few months ago, Angers had already been ranked, by L'Express as the cities from 200 000 to 300 000 habitants where the way of life was popular. The last news from changerdeville.fr are important indications the managers of the city should take care in order to make Angers more famous and attractive.

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