30 April, 2010


Next monday, the Court of Angers will judge a man convicted of violences against a policewoman and firefigthers. He was the witness of an emergency assistance brought by the firefighters to a woman herself agressed by his boyfriend.
Because that woman was wounded, firefighters helped her. At the same time the man on trial monday arrived and, probably because he was drunk, attacked the fire brigade men. These one call the police for assistance. And a policewoman became a second victim and a firefighter a third.
The two stabbers will be gathered on monday. The two woman are safe.

29 April, 2010

A clinic on strike

Most of the 180 salaried employees of the Saint-Leonard Clinic were striking on thursday. The reason of the strike could be linked to the management model of this private clinic whose specialities are neurology and rhumatology.
A new manager, himself physician, was in charge of Saint-Leonard since november. But four of the six members of the board of directors expressed their choice to let him off. That seemed to cause an emotion among the employees.
The patients, who come to the clinic from 200 kms around Angers, were re-directed to others clinic or even were due to come back home. In order to limit the risks for the patients because the employees were not as available as usual, one of the two floor dedicated to the care had to be evacuated.

28 April, 2010

From gold nugget to gold fever...

The gold nugget, discovered in may 2001 in the surroundings of Angers, was not an exception. A dozen of other gold nuggets were discovered in the same field the year before. On of them weighted 30 grams. A former gallo-roman site existed very near. The nugget could have been a material used by a goldsmith 2 000 years ago.
The stone is exhibited at the natural history museum of Angers since 2008. It could be very difficult to establish its geological origins because no comparison is possible with another nugget. The field were it was discovered is no longer known.
The gold fever still goes on..

27 April, 2010

The gold nugget case

Discovered in a field ot the south of Angers by a walker in 2001, a gold nugget, since purchased by that city, is on the center of a clash. On one side the public new owner, Angers, and on the other, the wife of the former chairman of "L'oreal", one on the world's largest companies of cosmetics who claim that the nugget was stolen to her mother.
But if that is true, how such a value could lay in a middle of a field in 2001 while the disappearance was reported to the police in 2008?
The nugget, whose weigh is 57 gram, was first sold par the walker to a group of three collectors for 2 700 € then sold by these men in 15 000 € to Angers.
Many people would be interested by the purchase of the field, in cas of a gold mine...