02 February, 2013

Angers fond of (Chinese) tea time

The Chinese New Year event was celebrated on February 2nd in Angers down town by the local community of this country, during all the afternoon on Ralliement square. That special date for the Chinese people was an opportunity for their main representation in Angers, the Confucius institute, to catch the interest of the inhabitants for Chinese culture, language and economy.

The rumbles of drums annouced the cortege of a giant dragon brought by young Chineses dressed in yellow and black colors. Kiosks had been set up in Ralliement square where numerous members of the Chinese community of Angers as well as Angers inhabitants were gathered for tea tastings and informations about the lectures to Chinese language(s) organized by the Confucius institute.
 The Chinese universe is already present in Angers, not only through the Confucius institute, but also through the Mongazon lycée which teaches Chinese. Angers is twinned with the harbour city of Yantaï located in a region producing wine. The Angevins maybe would have prefered to taste Chinese cabernet than black tea.

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