26 February, 2013

The Angers new website as a front side

At about one year before the next municipal ballots, perversity could lead to say that the Angers town council majority cares its communication through a new website. More lighten, less colourful but more relaxing, those are the first caracteristics of the Angers city website the internet users will notice. A giant "Angers.fr" claims the city is definitely involved in the internet era. But the main message delivered by the website is the will of the city to locate its homepage as an entrance to the social networks.

Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion and Rss flows indicate an attention to stay close to the inhabitants and their mindset. The line dedicated to projects, districts and daily life must allow internet users to get answer about general as well as very pratical issues. The aesthetes or persons planning to visit the city will find panoramic shots on many aspects of Angers : gardens, facilities but not the stores...

The political note that could be find out is in the section "From projects to projects". Through that headline, Angers is looking to desmonstrate it goes ahead even if, curiously, the visitor first sees : the history of the city... Apparently, the website doesn't speak English. That's a pity for the internet users speaking that language... and for the fame of the city itself.

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