19 February, 2013

Forbiden from the pavements, the Angers crepes sellers will take to the streets

They will not have the pavement tax. But, they will not have anymore... pavement. The crepes sellers will not have the right to cook their crepes in the streets because of the implementation of a municipal rule. But is that rule a new one? It seems it is not the case. Moreover, the rule doesn't appear very clear because numerous food store owners already sell products, mainly pastries, behind stalls set up on the pavements.

According to Jacques Motteau, deputy-mayor in charge of commerce, the risk of a lack of discipline may lead to anarchy and even danger for the pedestrians. What could be said if one of them were to be burnt by the oil of a deep fryer? Nevertheless, the measure looks misunderstood by Angers down town store owners who complained, a few months ago, about the important increase of parking lots fares.

Recently, the Boulanger store left the commercial centre Fleur d'eau because of the difficulty and the cost of a quick stay in down town for customers. For the professionnals, the competition of the commercial park Atoll, itself in late regarding its commercial expectations, is the origin of the current difficulties of reatilers in down town. The Angers town council should come to grips with the decline of the commerce in the core of the city as well as for economical and political reasons.

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