01 February, 2013

Mr Béatse, for icy open air market places : sand of a beach!

If Angers city is sentenced after a passer-by slipped on the ground and injured herself within the limits of the open air market, the mayor may have had reason to cancel that event a few weeks ago when the weather was snowy. The case was judged on February 1st by the administrative court of Nantes and that jurisdiction could decide to sentence the city up to € 15 000.

Credit Pictures : Angers city
A few weeks ago, Angers town council minority launched an attack on Frédéric Béatse because he had decided, too cautiously according to the opposition members, to cancel the weekly open air market of Leclerc square. The decision triggered complains from mobile store owners and even from inhabitants who love to walk around the stalls of fruits and flowers. 

Of course, it would have been possible to spread sand on the parking lot to prevent accidents, sometimes dangerous for elder persons who are fond of that moment whatever be the weather. The accident which led the town in front of the court occured along a fish shop. The ground was covered by ice, necessary to preserve the fish.  Next time, Mr Béatse will be well advised to cover the ground around the mobile fish shops with sand. Seafood lives above the sands and Angers inhabitants love seaside!

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