21 February, 2013

in Angers, to tweet or not to tweet is not a question

In 24 hours, Angers has stated loud and clear its presence throughout a new tv channel, "Angers télé", just launched on February 21st, and "Tweeter", the world online social networking service. According to a survey published by La Gazette des Communes, more than 60% of the French big cities use that device which allows to the citizen-internet user-inhabitants to stay in touch with the news in their cities and even to become, from time to time, a decision-maker.

In a general ranking, Angers city is first, as well as for quantitative and qualitiative criterias : among them number of followers and tweet frequency. More than 4 400 followers are in touch through Twitter with Angers city. Angers mayor, and himself former manager of a computer company, Fredéric Béatse, says he is "convinced about the interest of the social network" because that one " is a way to stay close to the citizens", and probably to the voters...

The other event is the opening of the new Angers télé channel. The city was voiceless since the closure of Angers 7. Angers télé is also available on the web, a cheaper way to broadcast and to get audience. The new local tv claimed it would not be the "mayor's tv". That could be a disadvantage because in the field of internet, and given the success in Tweeter, it is clear the Angers mayor has the know how...

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