16 February, 2013

The Angers Subway Saint Valentine's "special" menu has not been digested

affiche subway The initiative of the Angers Subway sandwich shop located near the law university about a promotion limitated to heterosexual couples is not in favor of the sens of welcome the Angers city wants to publicize. "Rude service at restaurants is something of a stereotype in France, but one Subway sandwich shop located in Angers, about 180 miles from Paris, showed gay couples the door on Valentine’s Day", writes www.queerty.com whose tagline is "free of an agenda except the gay one". 

A sign, posted on February 14th by the Angers Subway owner, promoted "a Valentine’s special for couples: two foot-long subs for about $10". But, points out Queerty, "the owner indicated only male-female couples were allowed to use it—and insisted he was within his rights because same-sex marriage hasn’t official passed in the country" . *Discrimination (?), wrote the Angers store owner : No, the marriage for all bill has not yet been ratified by the senate. So for the moment I’m using the freedom-of-speech law".

The Subway France headquarter choose to repudiate what Queerty considers as an " act of bigotry". After it reprimanded the shop’s owner and ordered the sign be removed immediately, Subway expressed regret over the incident and closed the shop on Friday. The local lesbians, gays, bi and transexuals group, Quazar, said it will intends to sue the Subway Angers store manager because of anti-discrimination laws. "But, adds Queerty, since it was a Valentine’s Day promo, does that even matter? More importantly, if you’re taking your honey to Subway for Valentine’s Day—gay or straight—you’ve got bigger problems, n’est-ce pas?".

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