11 February, 2013

The audience of a debate about "islamophobia" has not been revealed

The debate about "the impact on (French) society of an islamophobia without complexes" organized on February 9th by Angers islamic associations in Trélazé city apparently didn't caught much attention. The Angers internet medias didn't dedicated coverages about that issue. No news was published about the audience got by the debate and what was discussed that day.

Probably because the promoters of the gathering choose the wrong way by considering an anti-islam feeling is growing among French population. The title of the debate was, in itself, an accusation of the Angers society and an indication of the fact muslim people consider they are victims of a anti-islam mood. Was it the good way to enlight people what be their religious (or anti-religious) opinions?

It seems that Angevins inhabitants, largely secularised, think that a religious opinion is, like many other opinions, a personnal matter. The fact religious opinions interfere more often now in the public sphere than 30 years ago is maybe something worrying for the local opinion. For example, the numerous muslim women walking in Angers streets with scarves on their head force other people to know what are their religious opinions. Angers people have the right to ignore what others may think in religious matters. Their lack of interest for the debate is an answer.

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