03 February, 2013

"The happiness therapy" in live over Angers

Chance? While a new movie is annouced in Angers cinemas, "The happiness therapy", something pursuing the same goal has arrived in Angers : the "Café Happy Lab", so called... in French! The idea, which has developped throughout France consists in a monthly meeting, on Sundays, in a cafe, around "tea time" (17 h 00) to talk about happiness with an explorer of that situation.

The guest of the first Cafe Happy Lab in Angers was Charles Martin-Krumm, professor of positive psychology. The unique issue of these events is : happiness. Happiness is discovered through a pluridisciplinary approach (philosophy, psychology, economy, sociology) or through the experience of very different people (entrepreneur, explorer). The method gives priority to "the combination of knowledges and closeness sometimes with lectures, sometimes with workshops". So participants "travel in the core of different subjects in order to discern the shape of their own happiness", says the website of the "Café Happy Lab".

The first gathering of Angevins eager to find new ways for happinness or, simply, wishing to live more consciously the happiness they already live daily took place in Toussaint street. That name is associated in France with the day of the deads which is not a very favourable circumstance to express or to experiment happinness. And the name of the place which hosted the event is the Café Osé. Oh yes, it was daring to do so!

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