27 February, 2013

Angers Valley should care its Loire

If Angers is not crossed by the Loire, all events regarding that river may have consequencies, at least, consequencies about the image of the city which is looking  to enlarge its fame with the brancd Angers Loire Valley. That town as well as others located along the river should take care of the results of a survey the French daily Le Monde published on February 25th and unequivocally titled "Loire basin animals contamited by polluting substances".

The three years long survey demonstrates that all living species, animals, fish, birds are concerned by the pollution of the royal river. Marks of pesticides, polychlorinated byphenyl and even mercury have been found in different species. Hopefully, thanks to the regulations, no species of the widlife is threatened of disappearance.

Nevetheless, the Loire river fauna may suffer of two other elements of the environment : first, the presence of pharmaceutical and hormonal subtances that have not been studied but can have consequencies. Secondly, the global warming which leads to a decrease of the level of the water, so to a concentration of polluting substances, later reactivated by winter rises.

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