25 February, 2013

Angers university has got a deferment but will have to make choices

The Angers university has just got a little bit more time. After weeks of difficult talks its president, Jean-Paul Saint-André, and the ministry of higher education have reached an agreement. The first must save € 350 000 in 2013 and the second will grant a additionnal allocation of € 350 000.  So, in 2013, the structure will be able to run normally. If things are becoming clear, they are nevertheless delicate. 

First that situation of deficit has been admitted by the state "by special dispensation". Secondly, because Angers Loire Métropole and the Pays de la Loire province granted "exceptionally" about € 900 000. The result is the 2013 deficit is lowered to € 1.6 million and must become nil in 2014. The situation has now improved because a few weeks ago, Mr Saint-André faced a double problem. 

Credit Picture : Angers University
The deficit was € 2.4 millions and the board of directors denied to assume the case. The president of Angers university may take a breathe for a while but the case is not yet solved because additionnal savings look unavoidable in the years to come and especially on wages. The 2013 overall budget reaches € 140 millions and, on that amount, 82% are already dedicated to wages. That does a little bit questionable his decision to transform in civil servants 24 people till now hired in contract and to recruit 24 others supplementary teachers. 

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