18 February, 2013

The trend of unemployment has badly worsened in 2013

The figures are gloomy. In 2012, the number of unemployed persons in Angers Loire Métropole and immediately available for a work crossed the threshold of 15 000. The tendency reached more than 13% between december 2011 and december 2012! Few by few, the percentage comes closer to the national percentage : in the Angers area, the rate of joblessness rose to 9,7% while, in France, it is 9,9%.

The comparison with the whole Maine-et-Loire shows that Angers is the most weakened zone because, in the department, the rate of unemployed persons is 9,1% (and 8,6% in the whole region Pays-de-la-Loire). A figure illustrates, alas perfectly, the mood. In Angers, more than 1 300 persons were laid off last year. The increase is above 30% in comparison with 2011... The last year had recorded several closures of companies, and among them, Technicolor which stands for most of the 390 new jobless persons during October. 
The addition of all the categories of unemployed persons gives a total of more than 23 800 jobseekers in the economic area of Angers. The elder workers are the most severely affected by the trend. If such a trend were to continue, the economic issues could be joined to the reflections Angers town council wants to stimulate among inhabitants regarding the life in Angers. Curiously, that field doesn't appear in the themes of the last Participation day. It could be useful to include them because French growth is predicted to be nil in 2013. (Credit Pictures : Angers Loire Métropole)

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