28 February, 2013

At Angers Marcé airport, Palma de Mallorca, clear for take off

At Angers Marcé airport, summer holidays are already planned. A new destination has just appeared on the "short list" of the holidays flights. Next to Tunis, there are now on the airport website the Balearic Islands. A direct flight Angers-Palma is scheduled every Thursday from July 4th to August 22nd. The capital of the islands would be run by Air Nostrum, a subsidiary of the Spanish company, Ibéria. 

For that destination, Air Nostrum will use a Crj 900 with a passenger capacity of  88 seats. That company already links many Spanish cities. Stayings would be sold by the Voyamar-Aérosun agency, but do not yet appear on its website. It is the first time that country may be reached from Marcé. The season of the flights is shorter than on the other destination, Tunis, which is available from mi-April till the end of October. 

The Balearic Islands should attract a lot of Angers tourists because the weather is hot and sunny in the archipelago from May to October. That confims the choice of Angers Marcé for charter flights for Southern destinations. Regarding the regular lines, the Angers-Nice has been interrupted because of technical problems and the other towards London will resume on May 28. During winter, Angers is an island.

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