15 February, 2013

Angers télé want to stay aside from politics

Angers Télé will start to broadcast on February 21st at 7 (pm) o'clock sharp. The managers of the project clearly want to make clear that there will be a separation between Angers city and the new channel. An ethics commette has already been set up what could appear as an appropriate measure to neutralize any critic from the adversaries of the current majority. But is that committee independant from the Angers town council?

Probably many viewers of Angers 7 will not take care of the issue because the program looks to be rather structured and may be too. Each day has its dominant feature what could bore the audience. So one of the challenge will consist in a permanent renewal. The good idea of Angers Télé is to be accessible from different sources Tnt, cable or internet and above all 24 hours a day.

One of the remits of the ethic committe will be "to monitor the good use of French language". That loof old fashioned because the French news editors are not always the most respectful of the French language. A quality of the channel is the moderation of its business plan. The team and the ambition are considered. But in time of economic difficulties, that's rather wise.

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