14 February, 2013

The Angers touareg storyteller wanted by Mali justice

Credit picture : blog Moussa Ag Assarid
The Malian storyteller living in Angers, Moussa Ag Assarid,  is wanted by the Malian justice. Nor because of that activity, but because he also is the spokesperson of the Mouvement national de libération de l'Azawad (Mnla), a political group which demand the independance of the Northern part of Mali, apparently not only through pacific ways. The daily Ouest-France published on February 13th a picture of Mr. Ag Assarid in the middle of a groud of fighters wearing arms...
According the prosecutor of the court of appeals of Bamako, those islamist groups have conjured against the security of the Mali state, but above all guilty of terrorist acts and drugs trafic. About thirty persons are wanted and Mr Ag Assarid is one of them.  Legal procedures, at national and international levels, have been lauched by the prosecutor, so the "touareg of Angers" could be arrested by French police.
The man, who was, before his sudden departure for Mali, member of several Malian associations of Angers, and member of the foreign people Angers council, said to the press, "he knew what he was doing" by leaving the city and joining the Mnla in Mali.

Those decisions stirred huge emotion among Malian people leaving in Angers who are, at best, dumbfounded, at worst, outraged by Mr Ag Assarid's behaviour.  It is said that this one is now living in Angers surroundings.

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