17 February, 2013

The Angers communities, an important stake for 2014 and after

"The day of involvement", organized on February 16th by Angers city, has illustrated the fact that the numerous associations of the town will be an important field of the next municipal elections of 2014. The Angers decision-makers put together last week for the 30th anniversary of the centre of congress had already be informed by a sociologist that one of the main change in French way of consumption was the consumer didn't want anymore to "cash and carry" but to be involved in his purchasing act. Why would it not be the same in the political sphere?

More than 2 500 Angers inhabitants already dedicate part of their time to issue regarding life in the city and more than 1 500 associations are active within the city. So it is logical and wise that the Angers town council takes care of that think tank. While the resources of Angers city could be under increasing tensions in the years to come because of the economic crisis, the possibility for any town council to prepare or to check the relevance of the public choices becomes an important asset. 

Credit Pictures : Angers city
Street code and seveal urban projects are some of the issues on the agenda of the Angers participation policy on the weeks to come. But it would be counter-productive for Angers and its inhabitants that this parallel democracy be a lack of checks and balances. That would only weaken the participation to the polls and be in defavor of the current majority.

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