14 February, 2013

Angers town council majority is looking for a second wind with a new centre of congress

For its 30th anniversary, the Angers centre of congress has dedicated the February 13th evening to a debate about the changes in behaviour's consumers for the last 30 years and the consequences of that for the city political and economical  managers. If Angers is not apart from the world evolutions, nevertheless, some of those trends may lead the authorities in charge of the city to implement specific answers in which the Angers centre of congress has a part to play.

The first change is the globalization which makes disappear the differences between countries. But, as Eric Groud, chairman of the Maine-et-Loire Chamber of commerce and industry reminded, that globalization was followed by "identity jerks" (religion, languages, separatisms, etc). So, that unpredicted consequences should stimulate Angers to cultivate a strong and specific identity in order to get more fame, more attractiveness (with the business tourism) and more money.  For the Angers centre of congress, its president, Jean-Claude Bachelot, pointed out that in 30 years, the business tourism "had fueled more than € 200 millions of revenues" in the city.

According to the Angers mayor, Frédéric Béatse, the most important change he experienced since 30 years was the connection of the city with Paris with the high speed train, an asset he wants the project of a new centre of congress he plans to locate near the Le Quai Theâtre makes the most of it.  That scheme will be one of the most important goals he would like to set up, if reelected as mayor. The current centre of congress "had already been in the core of the Angers municipal polls 30 years ago", reminded Mr. Bachelot. The new one could be a proeminent issue of the 2014 Angers ballots...  Mr Béatse is warned.

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