20 February, 2013

Jean-Luc Rotureau would like an Angers mayor be elected "By other means"

Under the title of his book recently published, "By other means", Jean-Luc Rotureau, deputy-mayor of Angers, has acknowledged, at least, that he is thinking very seriously about the municipal polls due to take place in 2014. But, Mr Rotureau visibly is waiting a decision from the Socialist Party he is member : "If there are no primaries, I will  wonder if I must be a candidate", he said to the daily Courrier de l'Ouest, making the point that "I didn't give a reply to that question".

Credit Picture : http://www.rotureau.fr/
Denying the fact he could be the trouble maker on the Angers left, the current deputy-mayor, and challenger of the mayor, Frédéric Béatse, pointed out that he " was not in an undermining work". On the opposite, "I am on a constructive mood" even he "didnt choose the current situation, which is difficult for the left camp in Angers", something he feels he is not responsible : "Don't swith roles".  

Apparently Mr Rotureau didn't put up with the way the new mayor was lead to office. "When the change of mayor occured, the supporters were not questioned about their opinion. No these didn't choose the mayor", he said, distancing himself by the fact he "had the life of a supporter and [he] learnt the left on the ground and not in the offices". Regarding the outcome of the polls, the possible candidate assures he is not afraid : "the fear to loose a power or to not get a power is something destructive for policy".

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