31 January, 2012

The minority side tries to unsettle the new Angers mayor during the 2012 budget discussion

If the serial about the unexpected resignation of the former mayor of Angers, Jean-Claude Antonini, is over, the disappointments and the disagreements which have been expressed along the last days inside and outside townhall, could have left an imprint about the tone of the debates of the municipal council. That was highly visible during the discussion of the 2012 city budget with the clear intention to unsettle the new Angers mayor, Frédéric Beatse.

The critics of the minority side of the municipal council were concentrated on several projects and especially the aqualudic complex whose costs could be higher than corresponding projects in other cities. But, the arguments were marked by a politician tone they didn't have before. The French presidential elections could invite themselves in the debates of Angers municipal council between the left (majority side) and the right (minority side).

Credit picture Angers city
An aspect of the budget, nevertheless quite important, has not been refered : the unequal increases of capital budget and of the operating budget. The first, consituted by investments, raises by 1,6% (62 against 61 millions €). The second, which gathers the expenses for everyday functionning, increases by 2,5% (from 177 to 181 millions euros). The operating expenses are three times more important than the investments expenses. And the total is still increasing... Are left and right OK about that? 

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