30 January, 2012

Snowfall on Angers : a test for Angevine mildness

The winter arrived on Monday 31 of January. The change was unexpected. On the previous day, the city benefited of a sunny weather. And, up to now, the weather was rather mild. Flowers, especially daffodils, believed spring was there. Humans were surprised too. At the end of the day, people choose to go back home, foreseeing icy roads. 

In Angers downtown, the cafés terraces were deserted and the owners had to alleviate the large sun umbrellas from the weight of the snow. For the place itself, its the first time pedestrians have the opporunity to test its surface under the snow. Apparently without any casualties. 

The snow started from the very morning and lasted till the end of the afternoon. The visibility, although secure for the traffic was nevertheless reduced by a light fog. The meteorology forecast a worsening of the weather along the week. The temperatures could lower to zero up to the end of the week. 

The traffic could be difficult in the days to come if, during nights, the thermomether goes to zero. Heavy snowfalls are predicted and later the region could face a dry and cold weather, with ice. The famous Angevine mildness is gone for a while...

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