12 January, 2012

"Convivence angevine", an anglicism consistent with Angers Loire Valley

"Convicence angevine", the brand of the Reichen team, one of the three cabinets selected to design a project for the Maine banks reconquest (exhibited at Le Quai theatre), is, from a linguistic point of view, consistent with the new brand of Angers Loire Métropole : "Angers Loire Valley". Both are borrowings to English vocabulary. But, beyond that linguistic aspect, the goal of the Reichen team is to launch a double size project, urban as well as social. In order to trigger such a change, there is only a thing to do : to delist the motorway.

This founder act aims to give back the motorway to the Angers inhabitants, warns the Reichen team. This "dowgrading" is in fact an "upgrading" policy. Instead of the motorway, the team imagines to set up a "crazy motorway", a space dedicated to events which will be sometimes a sports, a gardens or a communities motorway (which, physically, will disappear). These two steps (the delisting of the road and its transformation) make possible the restoration of the links between the districts of the city and the river, where inhabited islands will be created.

The new designe of the Maine banks will take 15 years to be implemented and it involves changes in Angers inhabitants uses regarding their daily trips. in that way the Reichen team projects is both urban and social.

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