28 January, 2012

Angers inhabitants set out to "winter economic time"

With the economic crisis, Angers inhabitants borrow new habits in their daily life. One of the most visible change is, because of the electricity rates are soaring, the lighting of their homes. It's easy to realize the change on the evenings when darkness invades streets and squares. For example Lorraine square is half surrounded by residential buildings erected at a time when energy was cheap. Large windows open on the square above letting the pedestrians catch sight of life inside the flats.

January 28th of 2012 08:22 pm
Now its quite difficult. Leaving, on the eve of a working day, the famous La Salamandre restaurant after a dinner served at usual time, the customers who walked on the new Lorraine square could count ont the fingers of one hand the lighted apartments where shutters were not closed. This new trend overlays other changes, some old, some new. Since years, Angers inhabitants have choose to use bike for short travels in down town. The use of bike is increasing. If it's good for the planet, it's also good for the wallet (even for people who are wealthy)! The recent discount days displayed huge decreases in prices : till - 70% and sometimes more because the shop owners have to come apart of thire last collection.

The city itself foresees difficulties for the inhabitants who used to go to Lamoura, a village located in Jura, a mountain department in Eastern France. The village were rent by several cities. Some of them have not anymore the financial resources to share the costs. So Angers inhabitants who used ski could be deprived of that pleasure.

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