13 January, 2012

With Rives Nouvelles, Angers lands to the Maine

 "Angers new banks" is the most completed of the three projects of the Maine banks reconquest... by the Angers city. The scheme, designed by the Grether team architects, turns around a center ot the Maine lenght which is, at the same time, the core of Angers. Moreover, the Angers new banks is looking for two clear aims : the redevelopment of the two Maine banks and, at the same time, the development of ways of communication between them. The spirit of the scheme is furthermore well explained in the space dedicated to it in Le Quai theatre up to the end of January.

Many originalities constitute the project. The progressive re-design of the Maine banks leads along several years to the complete disappearance of the expressway, its sliproads and its underpass approaches. The concrete and asphalt universe leave room to natural spaces which follow fods with paths, cascades and lawns drawn by slates folds where the Maine crosses the city center. Another bright idea is the set-up of a little harbour along the present Saint-Serge industrial zone and the creation of a little Maine branch who draws two little islands.

Another big change at the downstream of the Angers city is the redirection of the traffic through the Atlantic bridge which will not "vomit" its cars at the bottom of the castle but will lead them to a futur road circling Angers from the South. In the space of the Le Quai theatre is displayed, tiv screens give glimpses on the dramatic transformation and revival of the Maine banks and the city.

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