16 January, 2012

Angers workmen builts confidence

Construction site located Boreau street
 At the beginning of every New Year in Angers, the weather turns colder and the lengthening of daylight is hardly noticeable. These conditions apparently do not slow down the pace of building work in the city. The building site located a the corner of the Carnot boulevard and Boreau street shows it. At 7.30 pm on monday, it was dark. Nevertheless, workmen, guided by cranes lights, were very busy on the construction of the concrete walls and floors of a housing building due to be delivered probably at the beginning of next year.

The night, and the temperature, didn't raise problems for the workmen to go on in a true jungle of woven-wires, iron bars, cables, floors of different levels, so many dangers in the shadows of the night and the thin fog.The summit of the cranes were barely visible : nevertheless the cranes operators were manipulated tons of concrete above the site.

At a time when France has just lost its AAA (UK has kept its grade, till now), that could be heartwarming for inhabitants to see such construction site going on what be the weather and the time. A French popular common saying tells "When the building business runs, everything does so". If the economic weather for France is getting harder, it's reassuring to see humble people who do not give up.

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