18 January, 2012

The interest of Angers inhabitants for one of the Maine banks projects is emerging

Credit Angers city
While the exhibition dedicated to the Maine banks reconquest project is extended, demonstrating the interest of Angers inhabitants to the future of their river in the city, local medias predict the Grether team gets their preference. The scheme is founded on the idea that the river is the matrix of the city. So the banks are enlarged and vegetalized to attract inhabitants toward their river. More original is the choice for the laying out of slates folds along the paths.

This leads to transpose the core of the city just on the river because the Maine is the main artery of the city. In order to reach that goal the Grether project increases the bridges and footbridges while it also totally reconsider the function of existent ways like the Verdun bridge and the Segré railway bridge. But the creation of two little islands on the North part of the Main inside the city is one ot the most original ideas of the competition.

The echo the Angers town hall initiative met within the population (3 000 people visited the exhibition) is also a positive clue for the "participation democracy" it wants to implement even if a point (which is not minor) is not already fixed : the cost. But it also true that, for now, it is time to dream. The inhabitants may do so at Le Quai theatre till the February 7th.

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