14 January, 2012

The new design of the banks of Maine will require those of manners

If Angers town hall is looking for new financial resources, one could be legitimate: a tax on inhabitants (or visitors) throwing away cigarettes buts, chewing gums, packagings, bottles, cans and so on. These incivilities, close to offhand manners, cost money for the cleaning of the streets, pavements and lawns of the trolley line.

These little offenses are often due to car drivers who open their window and throw away their cigarettes. This is not only a damage for the maintenance of the streets, contempt for the work of municipal employees but above all an ecological irresponsibility. Because when these tobacco garbage's are collected by sewage network, they have then to be sorted out in order to make the water reusable for others purposes. The same thing could be said for chewing gums spitted on the pavements, what led the city to hire a machine to remove them off the asphalt.

These irresponsible behaviours should not be tolerated anymore by the city. They are above all damaging for the grass section of the tramway line soiled by the paper bags of the neighbouring Mc Donald's at Blue House station. The overall image of the city is also suffering because that doesn't reflect favourably the intellectual level of the Angers population. At a time when town hall representatives are going to choose the way the make the Maine river banks more attractive, it would be wise to educate Angers people to the respect of their environment. Many people in France are inclined to speak on self-respect: the self- respect consists in giving to others a favourable image of oneself.

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