20 January, 2012

The Angers mayor resignation renews an event 14 years ago and prepares the next term

The mayor of Angers, Jean-Claude Antonini announced today his resignation. Mr Antonini, who suffered from cancer about a year ago, came back to office after his recovery. An uncertainty was allowed to persist. A few months ago, many Angers medias predicted Mr Antonini could resign about two year before the next polls. The person most directly concerned said it was not true and asserted, at several public events within the last months, that he would continue his mandate till its regular end in 2014...

That strategy is now an advantage for Mr Antonini's side because this one will have time to prepare the next polls within two years. His successor, Frédéric Beatse or Jean-Luc Rotureau, will have time to get ready for the elections. But this is not suiting perfectly with the idea of primary elections Mr Rotureau wanted to set up. Staying at the head of Angers Loire Métropole as chairman, the former mayor of Angers will be a closed allied to the next first representative of the city.

This withdrawal can also relaunch the campaign of the opposition who, in 2008, near missed to win the city hall. In fact Jean-Claude Antonini, beyond the debate about the choice of the Maine reconquest scheme which will be implemented on 20 years, renews the formula he had himself benefited in 1998 when his predecessor, resigned two years before the end of his mandate.

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