26 January, 2012

The new mayor sets up a council for employment with corporate managers

The circumstances around the resignation of Jean-Claude Antonini, more than the election of Frédéric Béatse, as new mayor of Angers, will leave marks on the climate inside to city council, inside the majority side of that authority and may be inside the voters. But Frédéric Béatse immediately marked the beginning of its office with his top priorities : "the economic development and employment" because "the crisis interpellates us".

Credit picture Angers city
One of the most significant decision of the day is to set up "a strategic council about employment" whose members, quoted first, will be "the corporate managers". The new mayor pointed out that he will go on the field, close to the corporate managers and the employees in order to listen to them". He will probably hear (justified) complains about the fiscal pressure the city hall has just annouced it will raise through the transportation tax!

That could be a way to rally voters to the left side in 2014 because, in two years 2011 and 2012 households and companies will have seen their taxes soared. The resignation of a representative of a majority member is the clue of a shock the Angers opposition will strive to capitalize at its advantage.

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