29 January, 2012

The 1ers Plans Festival, a good plan for Angers

Probably, the event 1ers plans is seen in its cultural aspects. But this exhibition of young talents, which holds in Angers its 24th edition, has another value the cultural dimension may hide : the entrepreneurship value. All those first movies are, above all, an attempt to realize a project in spite of its, mainly financial, difficulties.

Of course, all the "actors" of this event are anonymous but some coud become facmous. About a hundred professionnal directors screaned their first movie in Angers. That event is largely opened on the international world and a tribute has been paid to an icon of the British director of the seventies, Alan Clark, who worked for the BBC. He depicted the Thatcher years from a point of view totally diffrent of the one, seen in the new film "Iron mowen", with Meryl Streep.

Credit : Angers city
The propotor of the event, Claude-Eric Poiroux, is himself a man dedicated to cinema and searched to check the advantages of the 1ers plans festival through a survey ordered to the Maine et Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to that inquiry, more than 900 000 euros benefit to the Angers city thanks to the expenses of the visitors of the festival. And its of common sense that "there is nothing more business like the show business".

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