03 January, 2012

A young Angevine messenger about Resistance and Deportant receives a national award

Credit Angers : Ms Messager and Dr Borland, interned
A young girl, pupil at the Bergson lycée of Angers, received on December the 16th, the first national prize of a national contest in memory of the French resistance and deportation, from the France Republic president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Béranger Messager was awarded for a 3 hours assignment regarding "The repression of resistance movement in France during the 2nd world war".

Her work is astonishing because of the extent of Ms Messager's knowledge about the issue and, in the same time, the clarity and the style of her essay. The young girl depicts with numerous and local details the resolutenees of French resistant and the violence of the nazi - and Vichy - repression. Her work gives names of Angevins, some Resistance fighter, others allied with the occupation army.

The Bergson lycée got, through the award of its pupil, the recognition of its own effort to explain and to increase the awareness of boys and girls to the  fate of humble Angevins citizens who suffered and even lost their lives because of their involvement against a foreign and barbaric domination.Since the end of the 90's, classes of Bergson visit concentration camps of Auchwitz and Birkenau where some of their eldests were deported. 

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