05 January, 2012

The Angers tax rates stability could only benefit to households in 2012, not to the companies they work for

Some Angers medias wrote maybe to hastily regarding the stability of local taxes in the city and its surroundings during 2012. During a press conference which took place at the Le Quai Theatre on January 5th for the New Year ceremony, the mayor of Angers Jean-Claude Antonini announced in a video that "the town and the Angers Loire Métropole authority will not increase the rates of [local] taxes for households". That doesn't mean all the taxes will stay at the same level. A part of the Angers tax payers could foot the bill instead of the inhabitants : the companies where many of these are working. What the inhabitants could avoid as households, they could have to pay as economic agents.

Angers city
Mr Antonini, and the local medias, forgot last year Angevins had to bear the brunt of costly projects, and first of all the trolley line. But new projects are arriving which, in spite of their different interest, will have to be financed : the Maine banks reconquest, the Grand pays d'Angers (another public authority?), a new congress centre and an aqualudic complex...

These mayor's New Year greetings had, because of an electoral year, a political colour. Mr Antonini bluntly (and easily) criticized the ratings agencies as if these were responsible of the national indebtedness. But from where comes the money Angers has borrowed? From the markets. If, unfortunately, France losts its AAA grade, Angers will suffer from it because a large amount of its resources comes from the French state. How the financial grade of the city could be better than the grade of the state where the first gets its money? Times for new tax increase could be back for households later...

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