10 January, 2012

The Maine on scene

In order to stimulate the interest of Angers inhabitants regarding the reconquest Maine banks project, an exhibition has been set up till the end of January at the Le Quai Theatre. Faithful to the part of that place, the municipal project and the choice between the three selected schmes have been staged. One of the original ideas of the designers of the exhibition is a huge floor of the surface of the project : the visitors can walk about the perimeter of the project as if they flied ober the city.

Tv screens, pictures, maps, panels diplay the different and numerous aspects fo the reconquest. Moreover guides are available to answer questions of visitors. Of course, leaflets are distributed and questionnaires collect the opinions of Angers inhabitants. Regarding the three schemes themselves, each of them is diplayed in a specific space where the tems of architects exhibit their ideas, their methods and the spirit of their work. But what is the most visible is the wish of town hall to allow inhabitants to express their opinion and so their vision of the Maine banks.

What is also visible is the will of town hall to give a new face of the town thrugh the project. The comparison of the Maine banks before and after the implementation of the scheme points out the Maine has been caught by the traffic instead of inhabitants : the travellers who croos the city intead of the population who lives there.

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