02 January, 2012

Christmas trees back to streets

 The end of year festivities being over, the symbols of that period are now put aside. That is particularly true for the icon of the last days: the Christmas tree. Yesterday illuminated with candles, tinsels and Christmas tree balls, located at the core of the "sweet home", centres of all the family's cares, receptacles of gifts, they are now laid bare of their ornaments and left to the cold and windy atmosphere of deserted streets in Angers. Their loneliness inspires sadness and pity.

If, during the Christmas and New Year eves are propitious periods to good wishes and resolute decisions, bad uses are quickly coming back. The presence of these trees in the streets recalls that, in fact, Christmas and New Year festivities are now contaminated by a raging consumption. And these trees sum up the fickleness of behaviour as well as superficiality of links people have with material resources even if those are nevertheless living materials.

If households' behaviour is questionable, public authorities' line of 
conduct is not always, in that field, exemplary. A giant pine set up in Ralliement square will probably pull down and sent to a squaring factory. If natural ornaments are often preferable than artificial materials, sometimes these could be more appropriate. Artificial Christmas trees reusable save money and souls of people.

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