15 January, 2012

The Ralliement newspapers kiosk will never give news

As dreaded at the very end of 2011, the little newspapers kiosk located at Ralliement square definitively ended its business on mid-january leaving behind him an immediate grim future for its owner, sad customers and an animated merchant place in the core of Angers. A few weeks ago, the news agent had warned  - without be answered - the city town hall about the necessity of an immediate relocation, closest to the tramway station or, at least, of a quick new orientation of its front side. Apparently, the Angers town councillors didn't pay attention to his distress call.

Only three little posters are stuck on the iron curtain, giving a few details about the bad fortune of the project. "No viable!", the business attracted 150 customers a day when 400 were waited (according to city forecasts?) to balance receipts and expenditures. The Ralliement square is not now what it was before : with the suppression of bus stops, pedestrians are not waiting sufficient time to buy a newspaper. And the travellers coming from Avrillé or La Roseraie could not be as so numerous as planned.  

According to confidences to customers, the kiosk manager had invested 30 000 euros in the project, an "enormous amount, I am not able to refund", he said thanking, nevertheless, his faithful customers. The walls of the kiosk are full of front pages newspapers and magazines about the crisis and the questions it raises. It also induces a lot of damaging consequences for humble people who only mistake was to believe in future.  

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