09 January, 2012

The desire of Angers inhabitants to progress in English, a way for the city to differ from others

Through conversations with Angers inhabitants whose children are in touch with foreign countries, it seems the ability of speaking English, or at least to understand daily words in English becomes a wish, sometimes a project. The reasons Angers inhabitants put forward to justify their inability in foreign languages, not specifically English, are common (in France) : the poor skills of French people regarding foreign languages and difficulties to practise, in that case, English, in daily life.

That second obstacle reveals an aspect of French society, and in that way Angers is typical of France, a very centralized country, which lays in its reluctance to recognize that the defence of French language, of which The Angers inhabitants, as well as those of the Val de Loire (well known for the pureness of their French), doest not necessarily go with the refusal to speak another language. The denial of that ability to speak English is often use as an excuse. But things are changing: the English courses of Angers municipal institute are full.

Regarding that aspect, it should be wise that Angers city, where the Plantagenet inheritance is still visible (the name of a street, a statue in the Saint-Jean old hospital - there is another one at the Canterbury cathedral - restaurant, an English speaking library, etc) take initiative in the revival of English culture and history among its inhabitants. That could be an original position in France, where towns are in competition, and a testimony of the new brand Angers Loire Valley whose ambition is live large.

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