23 January, 2012

The resignation of Jean-Claude Antonini openly criticized in his own side

The resignation of Jean-Claude Antonini from the head of the Angers town hall after he promised, a few weeks ago, to continue his office till the end of the mandate, is widely crtiticized in his own side and, of course, in the opposed side. If Mr Antonini did what Jean Monnier, his predecessor, did in 1998 - to put on orbit a successor - two differences appear : Jean Monnier did not promised to his inhabitants he will stay at the head of Angers city till the end of his own mandate and it was in 1998, about a quater o century... 
In the mind of Angers inhabitants of 2012, a mayor is there to promote ideas, to design policies, to implement projects and not for appointing someone, even if he or she has the abilities to face the challenges. From that point of view, such a gift could be poisened for the apparent heir.

Jean-Luc Rotureau, deputy-mayor of Angers has openly announced his disapointment and his disapproval : "I have expressed a huge disagreement about the method. [The mayor] said he would go on : that's disrespectful". Another aspect is quite incongruous. Just before leaving office, Mr Antonini had submitted to the Angers representative a deliberation regarding the allowances of satellite companies of town hall, he will preside very soon...

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