04 January, 2012

Angers families love globalization in first ... names

The Angers town hall has just published on its web site the list of the most frequent first names the inhabitants have chosen for their babies last year. Curiously, the number of first names directly coming from English speaking countries are almost the same for boys (9) and girls(8). Others don't come from these countries but, nevertheless, sound English even if their spelling is not faithful to the original.  The last have the same spelling in French and English.

Angers city
Regarding the boys, the pure English first names are : Tom, Ethan, Adam, Evan, Eliott, Lenny, Charly, Owen and Dylan. Others, even they are not specific to English speaking countries, are nevertheless frequent in these area like Nathan, Sacha, Arthur, Paul, Martin, Thomas, Simon or Benjamin, Aaron, Nathanaël, Rayan, Eliot, Joshua and Alex. For the girls, the most typical English first names chosen by Angers families are : Emma, Clara, Sarah, Lily, Julia, Emy, Tess or Naomie. And the most favourite, common to French and English speaking countries are Rose, Anna, Lisa, Eva and Laly.

What can be the origin of such choices? Events regarding songs, sports, movies may have impressed local families who thought it could be helpful to give to a child a different personality thanks to an English first name. Same Angers families are creative with the gathering of two English first names in a single one : Nolan comes from Noah and Dylan. But the list published by town hall indicates a globalization of the christian names because some are latino.

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