01 February, 2012

The cold wave didtn't surprised Angers inhabitants

The first day of February didn't brought the Angevine mildness. It was even the opposite : low temperatures with an icy wind in the streets. The inhabitants brought out again their winter clothing : gloves, scarves, hats and deep hooded overcoats or fur coat. Apparently Angers pedestrians do not want to catch a cold or the flu.

Alsace street on Wednesday afternoon
The streets were not very attended becausen, for example in Alsace street, a Russian wind, swept away the dressing precautions. An impression of cold was enhanced by the mineral aspect of the street. The Ralliement square itself was invaded by the wind and scarce travellers at the tramway station had nothing to do but to hunch their shoulders while the waiting time. 

Town hall decided not to jeopardize the hydraulic devices of the Mail gardens foutains, out of order because of the cold. An additional sadness was engendered by the shops front sides where discount ads compete to attract the latest shoppers. Météo France forecasts lower temperatures on the days to come and the lowest could be on Friday : 9° below zero are possible but nevertheless the weather will be shiny. Stand firm a little bit more folks!

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