17 January, 2012

The Artaq 2012 edition weawes yarn links between Angers and Austin

Credit : wikipedia
The 2012 edition of the Angers Artaq festival is englicizing. This event, planned between the 11 and 13 of May will launch a new artistic expression called, on town hall website ("in French") : the yarn bombing. According to Aurélie Mathigot, a Paris plastic artist in charge of the promotion of the event in the city, "the yarn bombing consist in wrapping the street furnitures with yarn. The trend appeared in the United States thanks to an artist, Magda Sayeg who lives in Austin". With the yarn bombing, "it's possible to improve the urban landscape with bright colours to urban shapes often rigid and gloomy".

Credit Angers city
In Angers, the scheme is to dress all the Mail garden furnitures with yarn : kiosk, fountain, benches and even the Lions statues. From now and up to the end of the Artaq festival, Mrs Mathigot will advise all the workshops of Angers involved in the leisure of knitting. Other parts of the cultural places of Angers will be wrapped of yarn : the Ronceray cloister, the Turc walk and the Ralliement and Saint-Eloi squares. These trend is promising : it doesn't pollute, it weaves links between inhabitants and even with Austin, the Texas city Angers is about to twin with.

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