27 January, 2012

The Angers castle Renaissance

After months of burying under tarpaulins and scaffoldings, since a few days, the royal home of Angers castle is again visible. Rejuvenated, clean, bright, the core of the monument stands up and displays its neat and sharp shapes under the wintry blue sky of Angers, perfect as a crystal. Within a few months it will be released of all the materials its complete renovation demanded. All the damages of the January 2009 winter will not let any scar.
Because of a malfunction of a heat device, a fire erupted in the building destroying the framework and the slates roof of the building built in 1410. The city rallied for the restoration of the place which - apparently - is now over for the civil work. Probably, a lot of repairs and redevelopment are still necessary inside. 

Simultaneously, the restoration works on the battlements of the castle are on way. On the Maine river side, scaffholdingsmake disappear entirely the towers. The stones have suffered from pollution and need to be cleaned and to stick again. The most symbolic monument of the city (which doesn't belong to the city) could be one of the winners of the future Maine banks once got rid of pollution.

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