20 January, 2012

New English words for the English world designed for Angers youth

"To live an expérience abroad needs organisation" tells the Angers City through its website to young inhabitants. And there are new ways to go there. Among these, two are expressed in English - "woofing, couch surfing" - but the city website doesn't explain them.

The woofing expresses the idea of a housing paid by four hours of work. Couch surfing is a way to visit by staying in people's houses with the wish to meet the locals. But are these available to meet and talk for free their mother tongue? This is not sure.

Apart the mention of the two Englicized words for the discovery of foreign countries a lot of workshops are set up during this event organized by the Centre information jeunesse : studies and internship abroad, the necessary measures to fix before leaving, the ways to improve one's skills in a foreign language, how to work and how to get a job abroad?

All these informations on the town hall website are written in French. In order to stimulate the desire for such experiences, sometimes far from Angers, the municipal website should write them in English!

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