24 January, 2012

Employment and economic attrativeness of Angers, the top priorities of the next mayor

The balance sheet of Jean-Claude Antonini could be a little bit damaged by the method he chose to leave office. If the opposition side in Angers town hall widely criticizes the form of that end of office, the most critical assessments came from some supporters of the next former mayor of Angers. The critics do not mainly aim the candidate who will succeed to Mr Antonini, Frédéric Beatse but his predecessor himself.  

Credit Angers city
If the next head of Angers will take office in the middle of a turmoil, he could deflect the policy planned by Mr Antonini. Mr Beatse comes from the private sector. He runs a company dedicated to digital technologies so he should know how the difficulties the companies, employees and bosses, live presently. He recently disclosed what will be his top priorities in the next two years. The first is economic and Mr Beatse links two words : "employment, attractiveness". Yet, the Angers city has just plan to increase the transport tax in order to finance a second line of tramway. Mr Beatse should look to the local taxes weighting on employment. The second results logically from the first and they are "solidarity, social link".

The challenge is difficult so Mr Beasts is eager to turn over a new leaf. The next polls are in 2014. 

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