07 January, 2012

The Angers river banks reconquest : a main project in the years to come

What be the winner of the contest regarding the Maine bank reconquest, the municipal project launched by town hall attracts the Angers inhabitants. An exhibition displaying the schemes of three architects' teams at the Le Quai Theatre during the weeks to come has yet got in hundreds of visitors. So the cause looks already won for the Angers mayor, Jean-Claude Antonini : the projects will become reality in the twenty years to come. 
Beyond the complete reversal of people regarding the preservetion of environment, this apparent support means the Angers inhabitants do not withstand anymore to see their city divided by an ugly and polluting express way and want it to be reunified thanks to its river. And if the project is implemented before the next municipal elections in 2014, it will be almost impossible to the present opposition side in town hall, in case of victory, to change its shapes.

Such a project could be helpful to structure the support of inhabitants to the left candidate who will be designated to take over after Mr Antonini departure. That kind of scheme, which will mark the city maybe a hundred years after its completion, could explain why the present Angers mayor has finally decided not to leave office before 2014. The reconquest of Maine banks is, finally, a very clever scheme to mobilize the inhabitants energy. Considering the challenges Angers is facing, the Maine project will be the main project.

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