31 March, 2011

A local survey lists important urban projects in some districts of Angers

According to a survey published by the Angers area urban agency about Angers city and its 12 different districts, some of these should experiment some urban changes in the years to come. In spite of the growth of the population which reached about 1 000 inhabitants all over the city, the districts faced different demographical evolutions between 1999 and 2006. Only some of them should get urban projects.
In Ney-Chalouère, where an increase of households is registered, a small urban project will give a more central part to the Ney square while the Terrien-Cocherel site will be renewed later. In the Saint-Jacques-Nazareth district the main scheme will take place on the area between the Le Quai Theatre and the buildings of the Maine side front : a new center for congresses should be built there.

Les-Hauts-de-Saint-Aubin will host 300 homes per year up to 2025 along the new street car line. And "numerous real estate programs" will be implemented in Angers downtown, almost in the Blancheraie district as well as in the surroundings of the Saint-Laud station which will be transformed with a "major project" called "Gare+" round the former Sernam site.
In Deux-Croix-Banchais and Monplaisir, the survey notices that "there is room for urban development along Pasteur avenue" and notes "projects for this town entrance". Regarding Madeleine-Saint-Léonard, the city plans implementation of offices for services companies along the Courbertin boulevard. At the Justices area, a scheme is under way in the Eclateries field. Roseraie and Belle-Beille have already been transformed thanks to recent urban renovation projects.

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